Saumik Amin is the Broker & Owner of Amin Realty, the fastest growing Real Estate Brokerage in Macomb County and the largest one in City of Warren. He also owns Amin Property Management and Amin Construction Management, two innovative companies serving as value-adds to his investor clients at Amin Realty. Saumik currently services Real Estate needs of High-Net Worth Investors across 11 states in U.S. and 5 countries in the world. Most of his clients are or have been senior executives with Fortune 500 companies. His goal is to provide high quality and hands-free end to end services to all types of Real Estate Investors including Buy and Hold, Flips, Residential, Commercial and anything in between.

Saumik Amin's Story:

Saumik and his family immigrated to the US from Bangladesh in 2009. He was living in a 1-Bedroom apartment in Bronx, NY with his parents and siblings. His first job was as a busboy in the graveyard shift at a busy French Restaurant of Downtown NY. He would sleep for 4 hours after his shift ended at 8 in the morning and then would go to college in the afternoon. Saumik was only 16 years old at that time when he was attending Lehman College as a full-time student while bussing tables at French Roast overnight, 50 hours a week. He took Calculus 1 amongst other classes on his first semester at Lehman, he averaged 3.8 GPA on his very first semester without any high school diploma in the U.S. That's how his journey as a young Bangladeshi-American Immigrant began 10 years back. 

He currently owns and operates multiple Real Estate Ventures including Amin Realty, Amin Property Management and Amin Construction Management. Additionally, he is a silent investor at up and coming Indian Fine Cuisine 'Main Street Kitchen' in Downtown Clawson. Saumik also manages multiple multi-million dollar Real Estate Funds and charity endowments. He actively supports and endorses many local sports/body-building based organizations and media outlets. Saumik currently resides with his wife and daughter in West Bloomfield, Michigan. 

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