Hands-Free | 6 months | 15% ROI

We have acquired, renovated, managed and flipped over 50 homes in last 12 months. Average net return to our investors was 15% and total duration of each project was 6 months from escrow to escrow. Over the years of experiences, losses out of our own pockets, trials & errors; we have built a well-oiled machine to execute all operations efficiently from finding deals and selling with profit for our investors.



Buy. Rehab, Rent. Refinance. Repeat

If you want to BRRRR or simply buy and hold turnkey properties, we got you covered! With access to exclusive off-market deals from dozens of sources including pre-foreclosure, distressed and probate - we can find deals for you that exactly match your criteria in a short period of time. We have crew of dedicated contractors and handyman to support our property management operations day in and day out.